Art Teacher at Max S. Hayes
Steven Tatar Studio: Artist/designer
Building Construction teachers at Max S. Hayes

Welding instructor at Max S. Hayes
Cement Mason's Union apprentice trainer
Union Bricklayer's apprentice trainer
Cement company that donated 34 cu. yds. concrete
donated the rebar used for reinforcing the concrete
of the City of Cleveland Department of Public                                                        
Services that contributed the plans (drawings) of the                                         
project conceived by Steven Tatar
of Stainless Works in Chagrin Falls owned by Ron Fuller will contribute           
efforts to complete the "car" that will top off the wall pillars
Martin Enterprises contracting the excavation work
Supplied the concrete block, mortar mix, sand, brick ties
Donated the sandstone facing for the wall
Hauled 11 skids of sandstone for the project
of the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA), Fiscal Manager
.....AND the hardworking students of Max S. Hayes High School.  
Creating a piece of history for Cleveland.  Be proud of your efforts !
Special Thanks to:

Marybeth Matthews                  
Steven Tatar                                
Jim MacDowell
and Jason Hance      
Richard Hart                                 
Dan Missig                                    
Anthony McCullough                 
Tech Ready Mix                           
National Engineering                  
Kurt Wiebusch
and Bob Brown      
Dave Miles            
Angelo Martin      
Bruder Supply of Cleveland         
Cleveland Quarries of Amherst
Carron Asphalt Paving  
Lane Cooper