Cleveland Area
Soapbox Derby
Special Division
"I was browsing through all the
NDR.ORG sites and looked through
yours.  My comment is for the
Special Division. That's really great
to see the Special Division going
strong.  I was the Special Division
National Champ in 1989-90, &
1995.  Congrats to all racers and
good luck in future races to come.  
Great site too!!!"
Cleveland is very proud its Special Division Drivers.  Each
one is already a winner.  These children out the true spirit
of Soap Box Derby Racing:  COMPETITION,

Each Special Division Driver is assigned an experienced
driver as a co-pilot.  The racer is able to participate in the
driving of the car to their own abilities.  The dual control
cars ensure that the co-pilot can individually control all
aspects of the car (steering and braking) if necessary.  Our
custom made cars are designed with over-sized brakes and
foot and hand brake controls.
If your child would like more information about racing in
Cleveland Racers Designed and
built the original Dual Control
Race Cars used for Special Needs
Programs around the country
Sponsoring a Special Needs
Car is a very rewarding
experience for the child and
sponsor as well. These cars
are driven by a child with
special needs and an
experienced driver at the
same time. The joy that the
dual control cars bring to our
handicapped drivers is
stunning. Trophies are also
given for this division.

The car you sponsor will be
painted with your name or
company logo at no additional
charge to you. You can display
the sponsored car as you wish
during non racing events. If
you would like more
information on how to
participate in sponsorship,
please contact us.
A real Winner!
Sponsors Needed
Cleveland's program is a hit !!