History:  2010
2010 Metro Champs     (Douglas Huff, Luis Moren)
Adam Kingsley
Special Division Champ
We start'em young in
Cleveland !
Stock Champ:  Bailey Markowski

Super Stock Champ: Kerri Murphy

Masters Champ: Morgan Dyer
Suburban Local Results 2010
1. Bailey Markowski
2. Franklin Ludwig
3. Bryce Volpe
4. Emerson Minch
5. Tyler Barr
6. Joey Bosak
7. Jeremy Hiller
8. Olivia Muldoon
1. Kerry Murphy
2. Colleen Fink
3. Alexis Willard
4. Miranda Nousek
5. Madison Minch
6. Brent Schmidt
7. Matt Mroczynski
8. Chris Bosak
1. Morgan Dyer
2. James Fell
3. Dale Markowski
4. Josh Barr
5. Brittney Weems
6. Emily Mroczynski

Tom Willard wins the adult
race in Akron as
part of the
All American
Soapbox Derby

Does that make him the first World Adult
Derby Champ?
All American Championship
Cleveland contenders

Brittany Weems         3rd Rally Super
James Fell                  4th Rally Masters
Emerson Minch         8th Rally Stock
Luis Moreno               8th Local Stock
(first metro car to place in Akron)

2010 NDR Nationals (Akron, Oh)

Kristi Murphy                1st Round Bottom - NDR Masters
Morgan Dyer                3rd Round Bottom - NDR Masters
Morgan Dyer                4th Flat Bottom - AA Masters
Kerry Murphy                5th Flat Bottom - AA Masters
Rachael Dyer                 6th Flat Bottom - AA Masters
Megan Thornton            2nd Super
Kathleen Quinn              4th Super
Brittany Weems             6th Super
Bryce Volpe                  8th Stock
Franklin Ludwig            10th Stock

Buccaneer   (Columbus, Oh)

James Fell                      3rd Masters
Colleen Fink                   8th Super
Emerson Minch              2nd Stock
Franklin Ludwig             5th Stock
Kristi Murphy places 1st in Round Bottom
Super Stock Championship Race
Kerry vs Colleen