History:  2008
Madison Minch - STOCK
Morgan Dyer - SUPERSTOCK
Kerry Murphy - MASTERS
2008 Suburban Champs
2008 Metro Champs
All American Championship      Akron, OH
Kerry Murphy finished 5th in Masters
Hanna Zoller placed 8th in Rally Masters at the All
American.  Hannah is only the second racer to  place
4 times at the All American, and has won more heats
overall (13) than anyone at the AASBD championships
Chris Bosak STOCK
Morgan Dyer - Super Stock
NDR National Champion !!
Congratulations to Morgan Dyer, Super Stock National
Champion - NDR Nationals 2008, Saginaw, MI
Anthony Carter - S. STOCK
Javier Vargas - Special Needs
Cleveland brought home 6
trophies, upholding their
reputation once again.
Madison Minch 7th and James
Fell 5th in stock, Morgan Dyer
placed 3rd in super stock,
Rachael Dyer placed 7th in
masters, Megan Thornton 4th
place in masters and Kerry
Murphy won the masters race,
bringing home the 1st place
trophy. Congratulations to all!
Kerry Murphy wins
the Buccaneer 2008
1. Madison Minch   
2. Matt Grauel
3. Franklin Ludwig
4. Chase Patera
5. Brianna Raico
6. Joshua Barr
7. James Fell
8. Bailey Markowski
Super Stock
1. Morgan Dyer
2. Colleen Fink
3. Kristi Murphy
4. Kelsea Martin
5. Emma Kervin
6. RJ Thornton
7. Jamie Yowler
8. Brandon Lemmerman
1. Kerry Murphy
2. Rachael Dyer
3. Megan Thornton
4. Cierra Larson
5. David Legg
6. Ryan Gray
7. Jonathan McMillan
2008 Suburban
2008 Metro
1 Chris Bosak
2. Billy Chambers
3. Edar Hoyle
4. Gary Walker
5. Charles Liggitt
6. Rosalind Carter
7. Montae Smith
8. Joseph Neelon

1. Anthony Carter
2. James Douglas
3. Hannah Tunney
4. Mike Smith
5. Devonte Streety
6. Shyanne Beard
7. Joseph Butler
8. Bryon Carson

Special Needs
Javier Vargas