History:  2006
Every year hundreds of kids come to Akron to participate in The Greatest Amateur Race Ever.  These
kids work hard all year. Whether they race all over the country to be a rally champ or stick it out in their
local. No matter which way they got to Akron they got there and that’s all that matters. During the week
there are numerous activities. During the day you work on your car, make adjustments, etc. But it is
supposed to be fun, so there’s a baseball game to go to, trading night , Geauga Lake, etc.
This year there will be 518 racers participating in the 69th All-American. With three lanes and one chance
down the hill, after everybody’s first heat only about 175 will be left to battle their way through.
At Akron you don’t start from the top, you have to walk down a little bit. However on race day it seems
like a mile. Walking down that hill really messes with your mind. As you descend you see your friends
getting ready to go down. Later you hear that they lost. You try and stay focused but your hands can’t
stop shaking and your stomach is swarming with butterflies. You try and look for comfort to see if the
people ahead of you in your lane are winning, but they’re not. That just makes you feel even more sick to
your stomach. With your friends and family watching, and about ten thousand other people how could you
stay calm? You have worked so hard just to get here, and now you start to doubt yourself every inch you
move closer to the starting ramps. Its hard to stay focused when all these thoughts are racing through your
mind. What if I win? What if I lose? I wonder if I will drive well. You can’t help thinking what if, but too
bad because you’re two cars away from getting into the gates. Everything is happening so fast, and you
just wish you could stop things just for a moment to breathe and relax. However it doesn’t work like that.
You hear the official yell load them up!  Along with all the nerves, it doesn’t help that you only have thirty
seconds to get in the car.  Three, two, one!  The official yells, and you’re off! Every single nerve and
worry is put behind you, while you take your thirty seconds of fame down the nine hundred foot hill. No
matter how you did, you’re probably happy that everything is over and done with. All those late nights not
being able to sleep, are over. Finally a breath of fresh air, but at the same time you probably want to come
back next year and do it all over again.
Akron is like a slow walk to your death. You’ve had this amazing week and in one heat it could be over,
unless you’re lucky enough to get good lanes or fast wheels. You just don’t know what is going to happen.
Hanna Zoller
Stock                                        SuperStock                            Masters
1. Kristi Murphy                    1. Hannah Zoller                        1. RJ Thornton
2. Morgan Dyer                     2. Megan Thornton                    2. Riley Quinn
3. Michael Harding                3. Scott Miesse                          3. Savon Collins
4. Matt Grauel                       4. Rachael Dyer                         4. Zack Rivera
5. Kerry Murphy                   5. Brandon Patera                      5. Cierra Larson
6. Charlotte Hult                    6. Brandon Lemmerman             6. David Derosett
7. Brian Chambers                 7. Dan Fink
8. Chase Patera                     8. Mario Robertson
Hanna Zoller takes 4th place in Akron...for the third time!  
Hanna was only the second racer in history to place in
Arkon in all three divisions.  She is the only racer to ever
win all three divisions and get the same place.....4th!!

The third time is a .....fourth!
A Trip to Akron
Our 2006 Suburban Champs
Kristi - R.J.- Hanna
Stock                                                                                Super

1. James Douglas                                                            1. Shane O'Malley
2. Hannah Tunney                                                           2. Ryan Gray
3. Christopher Bosak                                                      3. Clay Jarrell
4. Jerome Evans                                                             4. Ninette Colon
5. Luis Tirado                                                                  5. Kyle Braun
6. Marc Kerner                                                               6. Jamar Brown
7. Hector Vasquez                                                          7. Cedric Vernon    
8. William Colon                                                             8. Jeff Sanders

Special Needs
Ted Boughton.
Metro Local
Area Local
Kristi Murphy Wins the Buccaneer !!