Frank Huber

With Frank it was always about the kids.  He
loved racing, but he really loved helping the kids
have fun.  

He actively participated in the Cleveland
Soapbox Derby his entire life.  Frank was a
racer "back in the good old days", he was a past
president, treasurer and long time board

In recent years Frank also held the role as Scale
Master, making certain that cars were at the
proper racing weight.  Many times that included
brightening a young racers day when things
weren't going well on the track.  If you raced in
Cleveland, you knew Frank even if you were
from out of town.

Our prayers are with Frank's wife and family.  
He will be greatly missed, but we are very glad
he shared part of his life with us at the track.  For
that we will always be grateful.
I would also like to say that although we are a fairly new family to the
CASBD and the board we have found great love, support, and friends.
The CASBD has brought my whole family closer together, from myself
and the kids, to my parents (who by the way love coming to the track
and have fun with all of you) and of course Jamie and myself working
together to make our family as strong as it can be.  It's values like these
that are passed down from generation to generation from family to
family. Values that Frank taught all of us. It's people like Frank that
make the CASBD the best local in the derby world.   ...Brian  
Frank always went home dirty.  He loved racing so much he HAD
to get involved.  I remember him cleaning wheels for the local
championship and as he spun the bearings and sprayed the cleaner
he splashed it all over his bright yellow board member shirt!  (See
the photo on the website).  We laughed pretty hard about that one.

He always had an encouraging word for the kids and never forgot
his roots and where his derby values came from.....Joe  
Frank was a great guy, I will miss laughing with him in the mornings
before all the racing started.  He would always say to me....... I
can't believe you and Mary are cousins, "because you know, she is
so nice".     He had me in tears laughing many times..... Whenever
he wanted the scoop on new people and who they were related to
he would call me over, and  I would explained the relationships to
him.  He would always have a story about, their dad, mom or
relative that raced prior to them.  He was just such a joy to have
around and will be greatly missed by all......Shelly
Whenever I saw Frank's truck with the pink stripes, it put a
smile on my face. I loved seeing him at the scales and joking
around with him. I will always remember him and will miss him
The members and families of the Cleveland Area Soapbox remember a
good friend, long time racer and board member, Frank Huber.  Frank was
killed in a tragic automobile accident on Saturday April 26th.
Frank will be greatly missed by us all.