25 Hill comes to Cleveland     
The filming of "25-Hill", the movie written and directed by Corbin Bernsen spent time filming in the Cleveland track in late July.  
The location team created a festive look and feel to our derby home which was depicted as Sacramento, CA..

Many of our local racers participated as extras and stunt drivers in the movie.  Scott, DJ and Nick were hired to handle the cars
and assist in preparing the racing scenes.  Colleen drove the camera car at all three onsite locations.  David, Emerson, Madison
and others spent time in the pits in front of the camera and support races.  Zoller, Hart, Fink, Sue Miesse and Joe James all
became track officials.  A host of others were extras in background and pit scenes.

The film came out in  July 2010.  See the trailer at  
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Bailee  "Kate Slater" was a charm.  She had the "extras"
that were  lining the track singing and dancing during the
long break periods.
Nathan Gamble plays "Trey Caldwell"
Corbin takes a break at the Cleveland shooting to review the script.
The F150 is Corbin's personal truck, shipped in for the movie
Anne, registration never
looked so good!
"Kate" and her
Tire Rack
"Crew Chief"
Now Corbin, let us tell you
some "real" derby stories...
I'll trade you for that hat!
The Storyboard
Aspiring actors trying to get discovered
Bailee could not resist sharing a treat on a
hot day with some new friends.
After each day of filming Corbin stayed around as long
as people wanted to meet him and sign autographs.  
Twice he bought lunch for the entire cast of "extras" to
say thanks for sticking around.  
Scott came out of retirement to show his stuff
Waiting for stardom
A Star is Born !
(or is it Star-ter)
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(Derby is) the "funnest" things I
have ever done
(and she is a child actress!)